The Canadian Council of Business Leaders Against Anti-Black Systemic Racism and the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce (“CBCC”) today announced a formal commitment to work together to remove anti-Black systemic barriers that are hindering the success of Black-owned businesses across Canada.

“The BlackNorth Initiative has been created to use business acumen and process to address anti-Black systemic racism. The Black-owned businesses, of all sizes, represented by the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce experience a unique set of business related systemic barriers that hinder their success – impediments that both organizations are committed to removing,” said Wes Hall, Founder and Chairman of The Canadian Council of Business Leaders Against Anti-Black Systemic Racism. “By joining forces, we can more effectively advocate for change that will put Black-owned business on equal footing with their peers.”

Black-owned businesses represent millions of dollars of economic activity, as well as a unique set of experiences and economic potential. Due to systemic racism, poor access to capital and economic marginalization, many Black-owned businesses are challenged, even in the best of times. The intersectionality of the pandemic and anti-Black systemic racism creates significant impediments for Black-owned businesses across the country.

“Black entrepreneurs and businesses face unique barriers in accessing capital, supply chains and export programs compared to our non-Black counterparts. We also want to work with corporations on supplier diversity,” said Andria Barrett, President of the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce. “Our work supporting, training and advocating on behalf of Black-owned businesses across the country can only be amplified by partnering with the BlackNorth Initiative.”

BlackNorth, in partnership with the CBCC will not only open doors for businesses in the Black community but will also strengthen work advocating Corporate Canada and the federal government for procurement opportunities for Black-owned businesses.

In addition, the CBCC will support the BlackNorth Initiative by helping Corporate Canada connect with viable candidates for employment opportunities and board roles.


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