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reWorked: The Diversity and Inclusion Podcast: EW Group & Challenge Consultancy

In this episode, Rachael Wilson is joined by Lateesha Osbourne to discuss her pHD research into black students’ sense of identity and belonging within higher education.

Lateesha is a psychologist who applies a DEI lens to her work and in particular has significant expertise in race equality. She has worked with EW and Challenge since 2015 when she joined our team as Training and Business Development Officer and, after being away for a little while studying for her doctorate, is now back as a consultant working on a range of innovative client projects.

Lateesha explains the findings from her research which included gathering insights through focus groups with Black students on their experiences of racism. Lateesha analysed how experiences of racism affected the students’ sense of identity and belonging, and the strategies that they adopted to navigate the campus culture. Her findings provide us with a microcosm of other institutions and workplaces and an insight into the experiences of minority groups.

Rachael and Lateesha discuss how these findings can be used to inform the ways in which we go about breaking down workplace barriers to inclusion and belonging. They discuss how creating a culture where employees feel able to speak up is crucial to employees’ wellbeing, progression and performance.

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