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Building Lasting Change: Empowering Diversity

Building Lasting Change: Empowering Diversity August 18, 2023

We’ve always believed that fostering diversity isn’t just about recruitment – it’s about retention and growth too. The recent Globe and Mail article sheds light on the challenges companies face in keeping their diverse talent engaged and empowered. At BlackNorth, we’re committed to going beyond signing pledges and stepping into real action.

From mentorship gaps to microaggressions, the journey to equity continues. We’re focused on creating environments where every individual thrives, fostering growth opportunities, and empowering executives to champion change.

By connecting Black talent with senior leaders and offering deep, lasting support, we’re driving tangible progress toward a more inclusive workforce.

Structural, systemic change takes time, and we’re on this journey for the long haul. Let’s celebrate every step forward, knowing that together, we’re making a lasting impact.

We would also like to thank the Globe and Mail for continued reporting on progress, change and challenges that organizations face towards true and lasting systemic change.

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