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BlackNorth Initiative Launches Alberta Chapter

BlackNorth Initiative Launches Alberta Chapter July 27, 2023

CALGARY, AB, July 27, 2023 /CNW/ – The BlackNorth Initiative (BNI) is thrilled to announce the official launch of its Alberta Chapter today at the Calgary Petroleum Club. This event will bring together influential organizations, dedicated allies, and prominent leaders to champion the cause of combatting anti-Black systemic barriers and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion across Alberta.

The Alberta Chapter of BNI will serve as a pivotal platform, uniting advocates, change-makers, and members of the Black community who are deeply committed to creating an inclusive society. Through collective efforts and collaboration, the chapter aims to initiate critical discussions and strategic planning to address the systemic barriers faced by Black communities in Alberta.

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just buzzwords; they are fundamental values that are essential to the success of any society,” said Dahabo Ahmed-Omer, Chief Executive Officer of BlackNorth Initiative. “We are proud to launch the Alberta Chapter, bringing together dedicated individuals and organizations to dismantle systemic racism and create a more equitable future for everyone.”

The BlackNorth Initiative is driven by a business-first mindset to combat anti-Black systemic racism that persists in various aspects of Canadian society. With a steadfast commitment to removing barriers that adversely affect the lives of Black Canadians, the initiative has been relentless in its pursuit of lasting change.

As we forge ahead, the Alberta Chapter launch will serve as a rallying point for those who believe in the power of collective action and the need for urgent, tangible change. The event will encompass engaging panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities to foster collaboration and devise strategies for creating a more inclusive Alberta.

The BlackNorth Initiative is dedicated to eradicating anti-Black systemic racism in all facets of Canadian life, leveraging a business-first approach. Committed to removing systemic barriers that hinder the progress of Black Canadians, the initiative aims to foster an inclusive society for all. To learn more, please visit: and follow us on social media @blacknorthca.

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